Apps Curves

I’ve really liked an article from the Foundation Capital titled “The Shape of the Curve. It clearly states how to really know how healthy is an app. I’ve tried to look at ours apps under that lens. I think it can helps telling how healthy our business is.

I’ve chosen some examples of our top selling apps, I won´t tell which apps they are but you will believe me it comes from our best selling ones.


This tells how audience is working. Usually is not a totally steeply one, it has spikes, but after spikes it should raise the launching point. Or the landing point should be higher than the launching one. That means the user base is growing. This one below is from one of our apps.


It shows a raising tendency, “up”, as Anamitra Banerji calls it. Seems to be fine for this app.

Hourly DAU

Article says it should look like a sine curve, it’s important to notice how it goes down at “night”. It’s hard to say so as it is a global market, but no doubt they have more audience in certain parts of the world than others. Also, as they are travel destinations related, they should fit the destination’s day time. I think it should look like this one, it comes from another best-selling app from us:

Hourly DAU

I think it’s really a good practice to pay close attention to the health of your apps. These two are good indicators. Article mentions a third one, “tenure chart”, but I don´t see it related to our apps, as they are travel apps, and mostly used for the planned visit, and not 5 or 6 years after.

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